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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  September 16, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> this is a fox news alert. i am geraldo rivera with an exclusive. this is the only image most of us have seen so far of the producer responsible for the hideously anti muslim movie trailer that helped start the anti-american hurricane of violence that swept through the middle east and much of the muslim world this past week. because anonymity is a privilege we researrve only for victims o perpetrat -- not perpetrators. here he is photos taken on the set by one of the actors he duped into appearing in his hateful movie. here is the man the actors knew
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as only sam basili. >> you had a conversation with sam after you saw the trailer, after you were outraged at what you saw. >> i was outraged and i was in tears and i was shocked. i was wanting -- i woke my husband up and i told him. i called sam. i thought how dare you do this to us, to the world. >> according to a variety of sources sam basili's real name is snchl inaudible) also known by a dozen other aliases. he is an ex-con with a federal conviction for bank fraud and previous drug aaddiction >> is he for example a government agent or an inform t
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informant? at the bottom of the hour we will hear much more about how this con man filmmaker poured gasoline on the anti samaritan resentment. is the ugly stupid movie trailer why chris stevens was killed? isn't it more likely the attack in libya was a long planned al qaeda plot? take the anniversary of 9-11. politically dozens of widespread unrest in the muslim world mean the president's policies are flawed or dangerously naive. we will get though that. one of the most important countries in the region are by neighboring egypt where a spokesman put their president more see to get around to denouncing the mom -- mob that left them behind. it gives them 3 billion a year to go to hell.
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leland bitter is live in the egyptian capital so mate, i know there's a 3 second delay. tell us what is cairo like right now? >> very tense. it is calm but you can feel it in the air and you can also smell it in the air because of tear gas sticking around in the city as a result of those rise that lasted four-days. now a lot of riots out a couple hundred yards to the embassy. we went for a walk to see what it was like today on the ground. do you know those in cairo now it is an armed fortress. >> this doesn't need any translation go to hell. protestors couldn't make their way down to the embassy because of the large concrete blockades. we are now walking down the
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street which is the backside of the u.s. embassy. they really don't like cameras. you just get a sense of an impressive level of security and i am pressive levels of riot police and they are looking and waiting for a fight. there are about 8 police over there to my right. obviously can't bring a camera up to bring a great view. we are going to see if we can walk up a little bit. >> our photographer is walking out toward the bashed wire to give you a view of the embassy. it is a scary situation in cairo after you get a sense of how many men they have brought out here to protect the u.s. embassy. earlier in the week hundreds of people walked down this road unchecked unstopped any of the police. they entered the u.s. embassy. it will be local egyptian police and military in geraldo. whether or not they have been ordered to use them to stop
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protestors to show forces impressive. so far there have not been any calls for protests against the u.s. embassy. it does seem after watching what happened on friday and into saturday morning as protestors were pushed back. he does seem to have gotten the message from the united states that we would expect them to very much protect the embassy. that's what they have been doing. >> ambassador chris stevens former navy seals shawn smith we lost four heros in libya and takes one to know one. our next guest is ambassador to all of the hot spots, lebanon, kuwait, syria, pakistan, iraq and afghanistan where we met during a taliban rocket attack. he knew chris stevens.
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>> i knew ambassador stevens, chris, almost from the time he joined the foreign service back to 1991. one of the best and brightest he could work washington as well as he could work the hard places in the field. he was in all of them. cairo, damascus, jerusalem and several years in libya. he was brel yant and both at home and bureaucracy and abroad defending our interests yet one of the most good humored easy going unindividuals. many people lost a great diplomat and the libyan people lost a great advocate. >> should we respond with boots on the ground? t it is in response to the terrible act. >> it is a terrible act. we thiwe have to be careful in we respond. what we have to do is work with
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a living government that quickly denounced this awful crime. wref we have to bring our assets to bear with theirs and we have to track down those who are responsible or whoever this leads. we have to be careful not to react in a kind of way that is going to turn those who are sympathetic to us into our adversari adversaries. i would not rule it out here is why. libby is a senior advisor from the pakistan border. the libyans have a tradition, militant terrorism is with al qaeda. the libyan islamic fighting group from which they said they
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are going to play nice now in politics. they are undoubtedly remnants to hold to his views. >> will the libyans help us uncover the culpriculprit? >> i am quite confident they will. >> this past may you hosted at the embassy during a taliban terrorist attack. you think they will be a country where it is almost impossible to eradicate the bad guys? >> i have often thought about the visit there and still trying to connect the dots. the terrorist attacks in kabul i haven't gotten there yet but watch out i am working on it. what we have to do is be more engaged not less. we need more diplomats not less. we need to be able to move with as much freedom as we give them. this is not the time to be
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entrenched. we need to make sure it does not become a taliban or worse. >> you were saying you were the rocket magnet. >> you can draw that inference. >> tell me seriously on the final note how you felt when the bodies arrived at andrews and secretary of state and president of the united states vowed to get their killings? >> i have known chris all that time. i know shawn we rock we were in iraq together. these were friends and colleagues but it was great to see at the same time they get the homecoming they deserved. diplomats are in harm's way they give their lives. it is often not recognized. i mentioned in my own case i was ambassador 6 times in three of those six countries i had a predecessor assassinated. he died for the cause, too, i appreciate very much the recognition the president the secretary and the whole country
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gave to our fallen diplomatic heros. >> ryan crocker one of america's heros. thank you very much ambassador. >> thank you geraldo. >> is israel trying to strong the president into attacking iran? who is the man. answers after this. [ male announcer ] when a major hospital wanted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] [ yawning sound ]
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>> way the perpetrators acted and moved i think we they were choosing the specific date for this so-called devastation. i think we have -- this leaves us with no doubt this was preplanned determined, predetermined. >> predetermined. my next guest scott tailor did 8 years as a seal including harry assignments in the mideast. by all accounts they went down
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fighting. does this sound like the attackers in benghazi was part of a plot not a mob that de test add movie. >> i think it is pretty obvious it was predetermined and preplanned all of the signs point to it. egyptian warnings in the jerusalem post things that happened it is heavy weapons you don't bring heavy weapons to a protest. i think it was absolutely predetermined. >> i had plenty of bullets my way in libya they couldn't hit the side of the barn. this seems pre-meditated. predetermined does that mean al qaeda? >> i think the administration is being quite careless right now coming out confidently with jay carney and ambassador saying it
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wasn't predetermined it was about this film. even though they have the knowledge they don't have the investigation yet. the ambassador is typically in prip polly not benghazi. it is tough to say. i think it was predetermined. >> should the consulate been beefed up ahead of time given the warnings we mhave had? >> i think anybody in my profession or the security profession in general would have said the security needed to be beefed up. the history of violence there and the threat that consulate faces. >> thank you for having me.
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>> they already beefed up the marine de patchment. there's unrest across the region. retired four star general jack keen wonders what he believes. so fys to have you on board. thank you so much, sir. >> good to see you. >> you have had some radical players. is it possible to reason with them and possible for the president to talk to them and say this is what the american people want? is any one listening or the people that count listen or there are so many rouge players there it doesn't matter? >> every muslim country has a radical islamic movement inside of it. the governments have radical i gos lambists vying for power more control, et cetera. after 30 years of dealing with radical islamists, iranians
7:17 pm
using inproxy to kill us in the 90s and 9-11. there is no reason way to reaso them. the only thing the jihadists respect is force. the problem we have is we should not extrapolate the radicals to the larger muslim community. between the modernists and r traditionalists between the radicals. >> the movie may not have been the cause or the catalyst but can't you -- don't you agree that it at least exacerbated with the anniversary of 9-11 didn't the movie play some negative role? >> it was a tool they choose to use to demonstrate their anti-american feelings and undermine the governments that
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are in the region. if they didn't have that tool they would have used another one. we make far too much out of the catalyst. the real issue is political movements and radical islamists represent they drive out the governments for radical fundamentalism on that region and to be successful geraldo what this is all about in terms of anti-americanism they know they have to drive america out of the region. they cannot be successful with america in that region. that's what the iranians have been up to for 30 years and what al qaeda has been up to. >> you talk about the iranians. we know what's happening with israel. is netanyahu trying to strong arm the united states into declaring war on iraq? >> i cannot image the sense of frustration that he must have over this growing fret right before our eyes the iaea just comes out and says the iranians they are a conservative organization to a fault at times
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and they are saying iranians doubled down in advancing the nuclear weapons development program. here we are still trying to talk to them, still trying to use economic sanctions which are some what factless. if you are going to bring iranians to heal economic set backs are not going to do it. you wouldn't have to col lelaps them economically and even then they don't come to heal. what took prime minister netanyahu he knows iranians do not believe that our military option is credible despite the rhetoric behind it. >> that is sad and scary. i have to leave it there general jack keen will be discussing this i fear much more in the days and weeks ahead. thank you very much. >> geraldo it was an honor to be on with ryan crocker. true american hero. >> certainly is. you both are. next up we are live in jerusalem with the latest on the israeli prime minister's escalating pressure on
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washington to act now to stop iran from getting the bomb. ladies and gentlemen, there's real tension there, there is a real clash of wills between netanyahu and president obama. where it all ends, nobody knows. we will talk about it after this brief break. ♪ [ man ] when i'm in my zone... every move i make is a statement...
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world tells israel wait, there's still time. i say wait for what? wait until when? those international community who refuse to put red lines before iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before israel. >> during the sunday morning tv talk circuit the israeli prime
7:24 pm
minister benjamin netanyahu was ratcheting it up big time for president obama to act more decisively to stop aran from getting the bomb. i have to tell you i have never seen anything quite like bibi's power play visa sri the president, rick. >> what's going on? >> absolutely. bold statements from the prime minister. it is worth knowing he doesn't have unanimous support in israel even the president is distancing himself from this tough talk. he is not backing down. he says israel has a right to act by itself to defend itself p and claims if the u.s. isn't doing enough it needs to act more quickly. time is of the essence and the danger is grave here, geraldo. he compares iran to the militants who have been storming the embassies across the middle east and northern africa. he says iran puts delitry ahead of their own survival. they have suicide bombers all
7:25 pm
over the place. he says it would be a huge mistake not to stop them before it is too late. >> with the advent of nuclear weapons you had countries who had access to nuclear weapons who made a careful calculation to cost and benefit. iran is guarded by a leadership with an unbelievable fanaticism. it is the same fanaticism you see storming the embassies today. >> the prime minister says israel is threatened with annihilation. they have 90 percent of the materials they need to build an adam bomb and -- atom bomb. >> the prime minister of israel it sounds like is getting ready to attack the united states doing something stepping up to the plate here. what are the iranians saying about all of this? >> the top commander is says the revel luge nature reguard spoke today. his country's missiles will
7:26 pm
ensure that nothing will remain in israel if iran is attacked. he provided unusual details as well. militants with gaza and lebanon will fire rockets over the border. iran will have so many missiles no one would be save. iran launched military attacks in the region and said their shifts would block the straight of vormuse. british and naval vessels are in the military gul tear -- gulf. >> can you give me 30 seconds on the israeli press, are they in favor of what he is saying or do they think he is going too far? >> that depends on which newspaper you are reading. there are many who believe israel's future is in jeopardy and they support this tough talk. there are other who's say they
7:27 pm
need to back off. netanyahu says he is not guided by the elections that he would act if he thoughtary before the. >> rick, thank you very much. >> the state department says it was the movie. we report you decide after this. why not take a day to explore your own backyard? with two times the points on travel, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred. there's more to enjoy. droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does.
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>> live from america's news headquarters i am mary ann lafferty. he will pursue a court order to strike by schoolteachers. the teacher's union deciding not to vote to end their week long walkout. that decision coming after hearing the details in a proposed deal. they want more job security. thousands of students have yet to start the school year. more labor troubles. this time in the national hockey league. the owners locking out the players early this morning in a battle over a new collective bargaining agreement. the key is revenue sharing both wanting what they believe is the share
7:31 pm
of the $3.3 billion in revenue the nfl made last year. the season is scheduled to start on october 11th. it was a season long lockout in the 2004, 05 season. i am marianne rafferty. now back to "geraldo at large. >> oo this is a fox news alert. regardless of the roll a hateful video played in okaying broader violence in the middle east the interim president of libya says that tonight he has no doubt but the attack in his country the one that killed the four americans was part of a well planned plot. we have a series of reports beginning with steve santana in washington. >> geraldo a political firestorm erupted in the wake of a deadly attack on a u.s. consulate in libya. the u.s. ambassador and three others were killed in tuesday's assault in benghazi. today u.n. ambassador susan wright says the attack was
7:32 pm
spontaneous and not planned. house intelligence committee mike rogers says too soon to tell. classified information makes you stop for a minute and cause. whether it was sparked by on-line video rocking prophet mohammed. >> we are of the view that this is not an expression of hostility in the broadest sense toward the united states or u.s. policy. it is a reaction to this video and it is a hateful video that had nothing to do with the united states. if we all rallied behind the i video pe will make diplomatic mistakes if that's the only reason we are showing up at the embassy to conduct acts of violence. >> he says there are too many coincidences the fact that it was the anniversary of 9-11.
7:33 pm
in view of ambassador write a protest over the video was hijacked by clusters of extremists the fbi trying to sort it all out. now to gregg palkot of tunisia. >> the word we are getting from u.s. embassy officials is many americans already left tunisia this in response to the state department evacuation order for all nonessential staffers and family. the embassy was calm without force not so we were told today during key moments on friday. islamist protestors and others angry about the anti muslim film scaled the embassy walls and smashed up the case. more shocking is what we found at the american school k through 12 six hundred kids of foreign parents and 100 american children. >> at noon on friday the playground of the school would have been filled with young kids
7:34 pm
some of them american and then the administrators got word a violent protest was happening across the street at the embassy and protestors could be coming in this direction. they sent the kids home because they did come they ransacked the school looted it burnt down classrooms. this is all that was left in one of the rooms the kids were in hours before. >> we spoke to the head of the school he said they are more hopeful they have had productive meetings and they know they failed to protect their interest on friday. smart thinking snappers at the school children are protected as well. geraldo? >> greg and steve thank you very much, guys. whatever the origin of the violence in the mideast there is no doubt that the hateful anti muslim movie trailer played at least some role in storing up the muslim masses. in this exclusive he tracks down the actors played by the ex cop producer who made this movie
7:35 pm
under false pretents. >> we had no secrets. there was dialogue at the last minute. there was nothing racist in it. there was no script they were hiding it from us. >> i had my original script and call sheet. i am not afraid to come out of the woodwork and tell the world the truth because i know that i am innocent. >> the producer's intentions shrouded in mystery. the actors thought their film was called desert warrior. the arabian village at the movie ranch. the shooting permit in a name of the group calling itself media for christ. >> they said it was a cheap version of arabian nights movie. we had no idea it was going to be like this. >> in our interview this is the first ever movie role since moving to washington state to move into hollywood. >> in the dialogue or in the
7:36 pm
film the actors are using the word mohammed they are talking about arab that's what all about? >> mohammed was never set. all of the races toward everything horrible was never said onset. that was put in post. that was dubbed in. >> the scene on the set was chaotic. producers sambas bass seally as amateur actors stumbled over lines they received only that day. cindy lee shows us the script which never talks about mohammed. >> we were in reference to a man mast tore george my husband was going to give our daughter in marriage to this man called mast sore george which was going to raise him up to be give my husband higher rank so i was fighting in my husband over that. >> what word was replaced by
7:37 pm
them? >> mohammed. that's what it said. those were not my words. >> frightened herself an ordained minister confronted sam after seeing the violent reaction to the racist movie trailer posted on youtube. >> i called sam, i thought how dare you do this to us, to the world. >> what did he say? >> he said you tell them that you are innocent, cindy. it was the one who wrote the script who is guilty. tell them that he was the one that did it because he was tired of the radical muslims killing his people. he said that's what you need to tell them. >> did he talk about religion with you at all? >> never. >> his spouse's religion. did he say where he was where he was from? >> he never said anything about his religion or his belief
7:38 pm
system. he made me believe he was from egypt when we were filming. he said he was going to show the film in egypt. so i was assuming he was from egypt. but the day on the phone after all of the chaos, he said, tell them i am from israel. >> do you have anything to say? >> the actors identified this man as sam basseley. associated press and others quoting federal authorities say he is knack knacogdoches owknac. he was questioned to establish whether he broke the terms of his probation from federal fraud charges which prohibit him from using the internet. >> the cease of his death in benghazi was under the noses, at the corner of hollywood and barns. right under the noses of the politicians in the city and it
7:39 pm
grew and it grew. >> john walsh is one of hollywood's colorful characters a former teacher who trolls the seat and this is a photo of the poster the film was initially called innocence of bin laden later changed to the innocence of muslims. i see this poster i go to my politicians where you are allowed to speak. because i was allowed to speak with the city council of the day before of the showing i got up and said what's happening here? >> in june he raised the issue but his complaint fell on deaf ears. kre started heckling me. >> your belief these people the producers, directors, the actors have the full intention of watching a war between muslims and the western? >> the surprise would have been of nothing.
7:40 pm
all it took were a few islamic militants in the middle east to season this video and use it as an anti-american tool. >> i try to live by the american rule do unto others as they would you would have do unto you. if we all practiced that tried to practice it we would all get along better. >> great rapport. i have to ask you do the actors plan to sue sam basseley? >> as lilly dion said she will probably chalk this up to experience. cindy garcia said she retained council but knack knakoula she their family has been put in danger. >> you heard about the 50 alleged co conspirators of what
7:41 pm
they say was a massive plot. it sounds as if in labia the movie didn't play any role in the war but played a role in the big mob outside but not the murder plot to kill the ambassador and the others. >> the film at least the trailer was released back in july. the violent reaction took place on the anniversary of 9-11. the outrage may have been real but it was used for cover for the attack on the united states and western interest. >> with the presidential election 51 days away not to talk about the impact the events would have on the last days in the race for the white house. we will talk about that and more after this. bob...
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>> i am the mommy he is the little baby. >> never attacked me. >> welcome back live. the worst of the anti-american violence has subsided at least today. keep your fingers crossed. embassies remain on high alert there and elsewhere and trouble spots around the world. whatever the specific source of the outbreak of violence many are asking why our folks were so unprepared for the firestorm that erupted on 9-11. you can't say you bin laden is dead and gm is alive.
7:46 pm
people are angry at us over there. he was chairman of the house intelligence committee during the time in the senate. christian white ten was the senior state department aid during the bush administration george dew is the former navy seal and cia secret warrior. george you first. the two fellas who died at least seems like they put up a hell of a fight. how many navy seals go into a business like working with the security department. is that a common thing for this uncommon valor? >> that is pretty common. when you have that sort of specialized training and that specialized credentials behind you you are kind of sought after. the pay is very good. people go into a post navy career. that does happen frequently.
7:47 pm
but that's post navy. academic seals will be involved in offensive operations. >> congressman hoekstra you want to weigh in on why they weren't at the consulate in benghazi? this were some in the main embassy. they figured no one knew that stevens was going to be in benghazi or no one on the outside presumably knew. this was an inside job what do you make of it and should there have been more marines in the consulate in benghazi. >> you and i have had the opportunity to travel extensively in that region. etch she i am sure as we trave through the region security is always paramount. americans especially members of congress may be targets. it would be a great score of al qaeda radical jihadist group could get a congressman or in
7:48 pm
this case they could assassinate and murder an ambassador. i don't know what the particulars are here. i am sure this is going to be drilled down how can a security personnel at the embassy have made the assessment with really what i would describe as a skeleton security force how that would have been appropriate especially on a day like 9-11. >> do you think the ball was dropped over there or over here? >> well, i don't know who is responsible for that decision but in the daily travels to the ambassador it was made by the security detail in libya. i would think if there was a ball that was dropped it would have been in libya. >> christian widen, you have a situation where libya is depending very much on the united states and western powers that helped liberate the country as is egypt. what do we do use money or use
7:49 pm
the aid that we given them as the weapon the lever to get them to tow the line when it comes to controlling the violence around our embassies? >> i think we need to do different things in different countries. in libya we have a good political situation. it is the one part that looks kind of okay. we have a brand new prime minister there who was swore in the very day this attack happened. he is working hard i believe to roundup the people responsible for us. it is completely different in egypt where we pay this country 1.5 billion or more it is actually more than that. they dretreat us like garbage. where they wanted us to apologize or express remorse there we should cut off aid until we get a better product out of that government. >> better product out of the government in egypt. not bad just weak government and
7:50 pm
not able to project the power. if you stand by i want you to hear what the pope has to say about the lathes violence in the middle east. that is coming up next. and crowg and i found myself in the middle of this parade honoring america's troops. which is actually e military for over 75 years.o g aawh no, look, i know this is about the troops and not about me. right, but i don't look like that. who can i write a letter to about this? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> among the fallout from the mob violence some iranians are actually calling for the increase of the reward for the death of the author who wrote the satanic verses. if he had been killed or insuiting the prophet mohammed in 1979 as the ayatollah khomeini ordered him to be killed no one would dare insult
7:54 pm
the profit today. that is one of the things that are happening. in lebanon urging pope benedict for a crowd estimated at over 300 thousand in beirut lebanon. the crowd included christi -- kissian a -- christian and muslims in a world where violence constantly leaves behind trail of death and destruction to serve justice and peace is urgently necessary. continuing with former congressman pete hoekstra running for senate in michigan george due and former state department official christian white. what is the best way to counter these attacks on the embassy? what would you do if you were secretary of state? >> i would reengage with the governments of that region in a very, very deep personal relationship between you and
7:55 pm
u.s. personnel and leaders in the country. i have met with former leaders in the region. you need the deep personal relationship. you need to set clear expectations. what are the real problems that are the root to these other issues it is the palestinian issue the economic conditions in some of these countries. we have one other thing that we have in common and that is to make sure iran does not get a nuclear weapon. we need to have the deep relationships clear expectations and start moving forward on those issues. >> when the arabs see what's happening i felt alone. not many of us kt mcfarland a handful saying woe a lot of reporters on other network running off saying isn't this the greatest thing since sliced
7:56 pm
bread. careful what you wish for. the must be bmust b mubaraks an in the world are dangerous. >> president obama with all good intentions are saying we are going to reset our relationship with the muslim world with the middle east. these problems have been long and enduring. he set false expectations as to how much progress we can make on these issues. we have always been working. one of the goals is clear expectations maintain stability in the region have good relationships with leaders and move forward as quickly as you can recognizing the change the palestinian issue and economic issues was going to be very, very difficult. we didn't then meet them. they foster the anti-american
7:57 pm
attitude. i was with you. i was nervous with these bad people were over throne. we had a relationship with them and they were maintaining the stability in the middle east. george due you see what's happening in afghanistan the guys who are training were shooting us. it sounds like insider nips out our people and helps turn our people in victims. >> well we have to keep in mind all society, we have used societies in general as being very monolithic. there are some people who like you and people who don't like you. people that attack the embassy represents a small portion especially if it is insighted by extremists. even in these countries when a revolution occurs the people who are in place and the different parties and beliefs who are still in place still exist.
7:58 pm
we have ties we have to be careful to nurture those. >> thank you very much. that's it for us. stay tuned. happy new year everybody. see yeah. you guys said tacos. [ female announcer ] it doesn't always work out that way. you know what? we're spending too much money on eating out anyway. honey, come look at this. [ female announcer ] my money map from wells fargo is a free online tool that helps you track your spending. so instead of having to deal with a tight budget, you could have a tighter family. ♪ wells fargo. together we'll go far. she was a picky eater. well, now i'm her dietitian, and last year, she wasn't eating so wel so i recmended boost complete nutritional drink to help her get the nutrition she was missing. and now she drinks it every day. well, it tastes great!
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